Together, we build medical products that matter

  • 2022

The client

Unitron develops and manufactures life science products with electronics from concept to realization. Its clients are life science innovators developing medical devices to improve healthcare. Unitron acts as a development and production partner to take their products to the next phase.

The challenge

Unitron asked us to help them revamp their messaging to help them broaden their customer base to include more scale-up companies in addition to start-ups. They wanted to better communicate the way they work with their clients, the close collaborations and shared ambitions that help the products that they develop become a success.

Koenraad Eycken
Chief Product Officer

"The Monkeys provided us with a very professional looking booth and corresponding brochures to help us publicize the launch our new OncoDEEP kit at an oncology conference. We look forward to continue working with them on our post-launch activities.”

Our expertise

We started by interviewing some key team members to understand their business and needs. Then we used what we learned to create a corporate video with a difference, starting from the script to the final edit. One that reflects their values and expertise while standing out from the crowd of standard formula videos that already exist.

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