Continuous freeze-drying

  • 2022

The client

RheaVita provides continuous freeze-drying technology for (bio)pharmaceutical products, resolving the issues and shortcomings related to traditional batch freeze-drying with a fast spin-freezing cycle of less than one hour.

The challenge

RheaVita wanted help with creating some assets that could be used for their outreach.

Prof. Dr. Thomas De Beer
CEO | RheaVita

"RheaVita is in the process of manufacturing its continuous freeze-drying GMP production machines and we wanted to be able to show how our process works without having a physical machine to film. Monkeys not Donkeys did an amazing job of bringing our engineering drawings to life to show a working machine."

Our expertise

We created a CGI video showing how their technology works, together with brochures and banners for a congress booth. We also transferred their website to WordPress to allow them full control over any necessary edits.

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